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Sales Training Resources

Access all of your sales and marketing material from one place

Create a single source of truth for your sales collateral

If there’s one thing sales isn’t short on, it’s information. Your team has more material from training, conferences and offsite meetings than they can keep track of, not to mention the notes, collateral and links they share over email.

These are valuable resources, but they’re buried in inboxes and lost on your intranet. Keep them easily available in a custom repository with Vendasta.

Train new reps faster

Train new reps faster

Speed up your training by delivering the collateral newbies need in one easy-to-find place, along with FAQs, key selling points and more.

Access collateral quickly and easily

Access collateral quickly and easily

Does your collateral currently live in obscurely named folders deep on Google Drive? Adopt a single source of truth where you can find relevant materials in the blink of an eye.

Unify your sales story

Unify your sales story

Avoid delivering different messages depending on the rep. Get everyone using the same collateral and telling the same story.

Highlight the key selling points for every product

Ensure your reps know their selling points. Refresh their memories and give new teammates the 411 with quick bullet points on every solution.

Update materials in one place

Update your links to sales information and ensure everyone immediately gets it. No more outdated links or old files floating around.

Get everyone on the same page

Make sure that everyone’s using the most current version of your approved collateral. The sooner you sync your sales story, the less confusion there’ll be.

Organize files easily and efficiently

Allow your sales team to grab relevant files without sifting through endless folders. Supports PDFs, videos slides, and more.

Answer your team’s most common questions

FAQs can be added to every solution you sell, so you can spread knowledge and spend less time answering the same questions over and over and over.

Bottom line: Who benefits from our pipeline management solution?

Sales Managers

Automate as much data entry as possible and access all the marketing resources you need in one repository.

Sales Reps

Gain insights into your overall pipeline, improve your daily performance and rest easier with more reliable data.


Don’t lose sleep over how much your CRM costs. Not only are we affordable—we continue to drive sales 24/7.

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Pipeline Management

With our pipeline management solution, you can focus on the accounts that need your attention, understand every part of your pipeline and spend more time crushing deals instead of deciphering metrics.

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Closed-Loop Reporting

Our intuitive dashboards empower managers to make better decisions with a full picture of their current funnel, from leads contacted to presentations delivered to accounts closed.

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