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One of the biggest roadblocks to selling digital is making sure everyone’s on board. Our seminars are built to educate and inspire your team and get them hitting the streets ASAP.

But don’t just take if from us. Hear what some of our partners had to say about their training sessions.

In-market seminars are the fastest way to train your salesforce on the most crucial topics facing local businesses, including reputation management, online presence building and social marketing.

One of our senior sales associates will fly in and conduct the session in person. By the end of the day, your entire team will be up to speed with what it takes to succeed with digital.

Approved Revenue Generators

The Blinder Group

Blinder Group

Vendasta has teamed up with the Blinder Group in order to help channel partners not only maximize sales success, but also launch our white label digital products into the market quickly and efficiently.

Mike is known nationally and internationally for his expertise in media, sales and marketing. As owner and manager of The Blinder Group, he performs training, designs sales programs and conducts seminars for clients all over the world.

Today over 250 media companies worldwide are clients of Mike's company: The Blinder Group, a Florida based firm that assists in maximizing sales for their clients, through effective sales training/revenue generation programs. Clients include Gannett, GateHouse Media, RussMedia (Austria), Morris Newspapers, Black Press, and many more.

The program provides intense sales training classes as well as SMB attended seminars with a guaranteed return. You end up with a well trained salesforce and clients in hand.

To arrange a market launch, contact us today.

Wayne Johnson

“The Blinder Group was essential in helping us map and implement an effective online strategy. Our sales people were initially very wary of selling 'the Web.' But once Mike came to town, rode with our reps and showed them how easy it was to sell, their excitement was contagious; and the dollars started rolling in. I am sure we will sell out, at over $70,000 of new business!”

— Wayne Johnson, Advertising and Marketing Director, Wilson (NC) Times Daily

Warrick Publishing

“Great presentation at Inland seminar. I wish it could have been an all day show! There just wasn't enough time.”

— Bryan Marshall, Ad Director, Warrick Publishing

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